Extractor Stake Adaptor

Code : AC0009
Weight : 5.00 Pound
Product Type : Stake Extractors
Typical Application(s) : Commercial
Country of Origin : USA
JackJaw® Tent Stake Extractors are the new force in stake pulling. The powerful, patent pending jaw and lever mechanism allows you to pull tent stakes straight out of the ground or asphalt without bending the stakes. The sturdy lever arm gives you a 16 to 1 mechanical advantage. A 100 lb. down force on the handle generates a 1,600 lb. upward force and a 3,200 lb. gripping force on the stake. Tilted stakes? No problem! Just lean the JackJaw® to align with the stake. With the optional stake bar adapter (AC0009), the JackJaw® easily pulls stakes from stake bars or flat base plates. JackJaw® Buyers Guide: JJ0301 - Ideal for simple stake extractions, where the stake head is not flush against a surface. JJ0302 - This puller can do simple extractions like the 301 described above, plus pull stakes that are pounded flush to a surface such as stake bars and plates. Recommended for use with AC0009 Adaptor.

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